NBA Draft Spotlight: Carsen Edwards

Carsen Edwards tested the NBA Draft waters a year ago and many thought he might keep his name in the pool. Instead, he returned to prove he could be a playmaker as well as a tough shot maker. The undersized Purdue guard is one of the top scorers in the nation in what should be his last season in college.

Position: PG/SG From: Purdue Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’0 Weight: 200 Wingspan: 6’5


  • Dynamic scorer capable of creating his own shot. Manufactures offense from all three levels. Rises up well on his pull-up and has the quickness to consistently find open space. Shooting has fallen off this year, but he is taking almost 10 threes a night. One of the best scorers in America and a likely shot-maker in the NBA
  • Solid build. Despite being short for a scoring guard, he is built like a running back. Initiates contacts around the rim where he is good at adjusting mid-air to avoid contests
  • Growing pick-and-roll playmaker. Most of his focus in P&Rs is to give him a step against tight defense to score. There has been a clear effort to be a better distributor this year, but there is still work to do in order to be unpredictable with the ball in his hands
  • Can be an effective defender. Maintains his low stance and should be able to fight through screens with his quickness and strength. Has a solid wingspan at 6’5 for his height
  • Patience as a creator has vastly improved in his time at Purdue. Doesn’t always go 100 miles an hour. Has started to master the hesitation dribble. Changing pace and letting plays develop could be the difference for his draft stock
  • About as tough of a kid as you’ll find. Physically and mentally ready to be a pro


  • Very undersized for a combo guard. Really more of a small two guard that is working on his point guard skills. Will be best suited in lineups with bigger guards
  • Not a reliable floor general yet. I think part of his decision to return to school was to prove he can run an offense. Due to Purdue’s lack of weapons, teams can load up heavily on him. Doesn’t make the type of passes or reads of an NBA point guard
  • Shot selection can be erratic. He gets a bit of a pass given the fact that he has to take a lot of shots for the Boilermakers to win, even if some of the shots are tough. His best role will be as a second unit microwave, but he has to find a way to take good shots early on to gain that freedom his game deserves
  • Size could be a problem defensively. If he struggles to get through screens, defenses will pick on him to get mismatches in the post. He’s a pit bull defensively, but there’s only so much pressure you can put on players that are heads taller


23.4 3.5 3.1 1.5 0.4 3.3 39.5% 34.5% 84.8%

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