NBA Draft Spotlight: Nassir Little

Nassir Little will look to build off one of his best performances of the season over the weekend. The North Carolina sixth man may be the first top-five NBA Draft pick to never start a game in college since Dion Waiters. When the game slows down for him, Little has the best two-way potential in this class.

Position: SF From: North Carolina Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’6 Weight: 220 Wingspan: 7’2



  • Developed upper body and ideal wing size. Solid build that can play through contact
  • Top-notch run and jump athlete. Plays best in transition with a head of steam
  • Good straight-line driver. Puts his head down and only needs a dribble to get from the wing to the rim
  • All-League defensive potential as a wing stopper. Inconsistent effort in his freshman season but he is a terror with his physical gifts. Has to play angles a little better and take pride on that end to truly become elite
  • Positional versatility. Lateral quickness and bulk allow for him to guard either forward spot. Should be able to contain a lot of guards as well
  • Extra effort rebounder. It is the one area he has consistently been a difference maker for the Tar Heels. Always crashing to create second chances.
  • Has more offensive game than he’s shown in college. Handle is developing and he can get going with his two dribble pull-up. Scoring should blossom with the right staff
  • A tireless worker who is going to impress teams with his drive


  • Raw offensively. More of a power scorer than a skilled threat. Footwork is inconsistent when trying to create space. Often seems to negate the strength of his legs and shoot with his arms, leading to bad misses. I’ve seen him dominate defenses from the mid-post when he’s feeling it. Really just needs refinement
  • Shooting and ball-handling are lacking. Limited to transition and direct attacks at this point.
  • Assertiveness has been a real problem at Carolina. Playing behind productive upperclassmen, he has struggled to carve out a large role. He won’t be expected to get 30-plus minutes as a rookie, so he has to learn to bring energy with whatever time he receives
  • Can be too predetermined with his shots. Makes up his mind on moves instead of reacting to the defense


9.7 4.4 0.9 0.6 0.6 1.3 50.0% 28.9% 74.4%

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