NBA Prospect Spotlight: Romeo Langford Scouting Report

Romeo Langford is a likely top-10 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Coming into the season as the most touted recruit in school history, he has managed to produce as the primary option. Today, I detail the game of Indiana’s freshman sensation.


Position: SG        From: Indiana    Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’6          Weight: 215       Wingspan: 6’11


  • Natural scorer. Has a nose for getting buckets and never turns down a scoring opportunity
  • Slashes well to the rim. Completes plays with either hand
  • Plus athlete. Covers a lot of ground with his first step and is fearless challenging shot blockers
  • Has some playmaking skill. Stays tight to the screener on P&Rs and holds off defenders while he reads defenses. I’ve seen him drop dimes, but he’s looking for a crease first and foremost
  • Very projectable frame. Put on about 15 pounds last offseason. Has the wingspan and size you want out of an off-guard. His play style welcomes contact, so be able to add bulk will be beneficial
  • Rebounds and starts a one-man fast break often
  • Rhythm pull-up should be a weapon from day one. Hangs in the air and knocks down 15-19 footers
  • Really nice ball-handler. Part of the reason he’s viewed as a combo guard in the NBA is his comfort using his handle to get to a spot


  • Three-point shot is flat. Has a high release, but it takes him a while to get it off. More of a mid-range scorer right now. The deeper range may be an issue initially
  • Not the passer that teams will game plan against. At Indiana, it’s a win when he gives the ball up. He can handle it, but can he learn to run an offense?
  • Very right-hand dependent as a driver
  • Has spells where he defers offensively instead of keeping his foot on the gas
  • Doesn’t make much impact on the defensive end. Good for a couple highlight plays a game, but his defense is largely too lax for most of the game. Can be attacked and exposed on that end
  • Never dealt with being a complementary player. He’s capable of carrying a heavy load. Maintaining efficiency with fewer touches while not being discouraged will be important


17.1 5.2 2.3 0.8 0.8 2.2 46.3% 26.7% 72.9%

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