NBA Prospect Spotlight: Jaylen Hoard Scouting Report

Jaylen Hoard is one of the top prospects in the ACC that a lot of people aren’t talking about. He looks like the prototypical forward that NBA teams love to draft and develop.

Position: SF From: Wake Forest Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’8 Weight: 215 Wingspan: 7’1


  • Defensive versatility. Has shown the ability to disrupt both wings and posts. Should have no problem switching onto guards and using his length to make it tough
  • Has the physical gifts and body type that can be molded. His lean frame should continue to add muscle at a high rate, has wiry strength, and is a dynamic athlete in space
  • Smart cutter who stays active away from the ball
  • Motor is always turned on. One of the top rebounders in the ACC as a natural wing. Constantly gets involved on the offensive glass. Rolls hard as a screener.
  • Point forward potential. Good feel as a passer. Loves to push in transition and is comfortable in the drive-and-kick game. Projects as an above-average playmaker at his position. Reminds me of a combination of Kyle Anderson and Jerami Grant


  • Underdeveloped scorer. Slashes and finishes fairly well, but he doesn’t have much to offer from a shot creation standpoint
  • Can occasionally hit open threes with time and space. More respected from 15-feet and in at this point. Cutting will help in the NBA, though his defenders will be able to play off
  • Makes some silly turnovers trying to do too much. Still needs to work on protecting the ball when he penetrates and not being in a hurry
  • A tweener offensively. Not a shooter or a big threat in the post. His energy will be a help. Needs a team to give him that freedom to develop as a playmaker


13.7 8.1 1.4 0.6 0.7 2.5 46.6% 22.2% 74.3%

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